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Actively monitoring your assets

Easy to use
Emergency alerts are sent immediately to your cellphone.
Choose your Contacts
You are able to program exactly who your emergency alerts will be sent to.
Affordable Price
Affordable subscriptions bringing extra value to your Store-Pro Sentinel product.
Guaranteed Replacement
If there is anything wrong with your device upon opening, a new one will immediately be sent out!

Sentinel Alert Advanced GSM

  • Store-Pro Sentinel is a premium monitoring device that can be attached to doors or any asset that can move which you wish to monitor.
  • The unit is completely independent.
  • No internet connection needed.



The Store-Pro Sentinel has multiple features like tracking and a built in panic button on certain versions. Attach the unit to your movable asset or door. Any movement will be monitored and reported directly to your phone.

We are affiliated to over 1500 armed responsonders which you can add to your notification list on your profile. You can notify emergency responders through the same system. Emergency responders will have access to your critical information for a 1 hour period, if they don’t know your name or surname, they probably not your responders.
The sentinel has a 3 year battery life but can be extended through exposure to light on the solar panel on the unit.



If Storage-Pro cannot resolve your self-storage management issues...nothing else will!

Management software for your storage facility

Storage-Pro is the ultimate web based self storage management system. It will enable you to
effortlessly manage your self storage business from anywhere in the world.
All you need is a PC, laptop or iPad and secure internet access point.
Check occupancy rate, availability, payments outstanding etc......... more info.

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Telephone: +27 (0) 82 594 6052